Penguin Meltdown App: Save Penguins, Win Chocolatey Stuff

Race against time saving penguins and help them cross the chocolate lake safely on the other side. You’ll need to save as many as you can to progress on the next stage. But be sure, to dodge lava balls and melting chocolate chunks while keeping an eye to catch “really chocolatey thick shakes” to further increase time on each stage. You’ll also need to be careful not to slip them down the lake or else they will be frozen penguins. Sounds challenging right, be an ultimate penguin-rescuer to top all leaderboards.

Penguin Meltdown App preview:

Using their special skills, help the penguins bounce and fly over the chocolate lake to the safety of the other side. Be sure to save as many of your penguin pals as possible to progress to the next stage. Collect shakes as you cross to gain more time. Beak- careful not to slip off the chocolate-bergs and into the ice cold milky lake or your fishy friends will be frozen!.

Furthermore, you can win really chocolatey stuff every month just by visiting their website. And if you’re ready to download this cool app you may go on its iTunes preview now.


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