Gateway NV55S05U Laptop: It’s Reasonable, Simple, and Chic for Right Individual

So at first glance, the typical Gateway NV55S05U review awkwardly emphasizes the laptop’s lack of style on the outside. Yes the stark, white color connotes simplicity and a missing sense of sophistication, but upon further examination, although the NV55 possesses a plain design, lacks great audio quality, and has a meager battery life, this Gateway is so affordable and great for solitary usage in home you can learn to love the look.  

While the 15.6 inch native resolution screen and Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium included makes the starting price $629.99 from the Gateway NV55S05U seem like a true bargain, the hospitalized white color and its archaic heavyweight 5.6 lbs. frame, unfortunately, might just steer the right individual from noticing its other great assets. The NV55’s white color actually appears sleek and attractive to those that have an appeal for a brighter white than Apple’s laptops, but the Elan touchpad is much left to be desired. When the white color and old frame are not a bother, be prepared to purchase a separate mouse, because there are no dainty hands that could touch the NV55’s and so there’s little room to navigate comfortably.

Even though many reviews of the Gateway NV55S05U ascertain that it has a short-lasting battery life, the 6GB of RAM (8max) and 640 GB of memory also makes it one of those moderately-priced quick finds. The admirable memory makes the NV55 great for optimal file-management and increased multitasking abilities for the busy non-tech savvy individual. If running multiple programs or file-management becomes increasingly stress-inducing, there’s no problem running music in the background, when the mood strikes, while simultaneously opening multiple programs. That little bit of a tech wannabe might not be convinced to use the NV55 when they come to find out that running 3D MMO and video rendering won’t work to one’s desire.

The Gateway NV55S05U includes the NV55’s HDMI plug in, headphone jack, VGA slot, Ethernet jack, extra USB port, and charge protector; the other 2 USB 2.0 ports, lock slot, and DVD player/burner included on the left and right side respectively. Towards the front of the body is the 4-1 card reader. Withstanding all of these features, we cannot ignore the fact that this laptop is not desirable for two to watch movies or enjoy great stereo sound without rounding up two headphone sets and dealing with scrunched-in faces and squinted eyes.

Gateway NV55’s have a great fun, casual appeal for the individual not looking for the idiosyncratic look, but a sleek attractive white outside with just the right amount of features and technology to get what needs to get done and play what needs playing. The Gateway NV55S05U Review shows that if you are not too picky or tech hungry, you can find one worthy laptop buy at a moderate price.

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