Featured: Nuance Dragon Dictate for Mac

For most of us, it is mundane and often neglected that we are able to conveniently type anything we want to out blogs and social networks; or efficient enough to reply to email and chats. But how about the less fortunate ones that can’t do just that. Those with disabilities that wanted to do the simple task that we often take for granted. Fortunately, Nuance has a solution that pretty much addresses that situation. Presenting the Dragon Dictate, a powerful application that let’s you use your voice as commands to run your Mac.

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With the Dragon Dictate, you can easily issue commands to your system through a series of commands that perfectly mimic a typical conversation. So for example, you’d like to do some word processing, just say “Open Microsoft Word” and it will then appear on your screen. If you receive an email and you want to send a reply, just say “Reply to this message” and you’ll automatically be brought to the reply screen.

Though the Dragon Dictate’s intricate voice recognition system, you don’t have to be near your computer to perform tasks. With the help of an application approved wireless headset, you can still do tasks while across the room. If you wanted to post a Facebook status while doing something in the kitchen, just plug in your headset (included in the Dragon Dictate Wireless package) and you’re on. You can also utilize your iPhone or iPod Touch as a remote microphone if you have one. It’s just like making a call to your computer.

Dragon Dictate is available at Nuance.com starting at $180. And while this software is indeed pricey, think of the flexibility you’ll achieve once this is installed. This pretty much encapsulates the concept of “mobile computing”. But then again, there’s a certain practicality that usually warrants this kind of feature. So in the end, it’s a matter of how flexible you’d want things to be.

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