Canon Could be Prepping Canon 6D an Entry Level Full Frame Camera

The Japanese camera-giant could be prepping a new entry level full frame DSLR camera with nearest thoughts of embossing Canon 6D moniker on its body rather than the long rumored Canon 3D. It would probably seat below the new 5D Mark III that will feature lower megapixels. Accordingly, “a Canon rep recently told the BBC that “fewer megapixels are better”.”

Canon 6D

Canon Rumors reveals signs of October debut of some kind of DSLR from Canon, but it doesn’t claims the Canon 6D or similar to be dropped on that announcement. If 6D will be released, it might also face some sort of production issue that will hinder its immediate delivery.

Cross your fingers really tight for a Canon 6D, but for the meantime you can take this with a grains of salt.


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