Canon 24-105mm Falls From the Sky, Punch a Hole in the Roof Worth $4,300

Canon users know how tough an “L” type lens and personally I know since I have one. A report dated September 2nd, Debbie Payne from Northern Carolina heard a loud crash on the roof, upon looking into he found a crushed Canon 24-105mm L lens on the ground while staring up was a 9-inch hole in her roof.

The Petaluma police department are now investigating on how the lens fell from the sky and trying to found who owns the meteor-like Canon L lens.

Accordingly, the Canon 24-105mm weighs 1.5lb and punching a hole on the roof in that impact –will obviously tell that it comes at hundred or thousands meters above.

Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens is listed for $1060 on, while the roof damage it incurred is estimated at $4300. That’s $5300 plus liability if the lens owner will be found.

Our wild guess, was someone on a hot air balloon or aircraft such open helicopter accidentally dropped the lens while changing the camera lens.

Source: San Jose Mercury News and NBC Bay Area

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