Wood Retro Camera iPhone Case

Photojojo feature this termites-loving wood case for your iPhone 4 but not just that it turns your Apple smartphone into a retro-analog camera or simply disguise it. Don’t just let your friends closely look in it.

However, closely you’ll see how intricate the design since it’s laser engrave on the wood cover. It’s made from durable Walnuts and Bamboo woods to protect your iPhone 4. One more thing, the company is promoting sustainability here, prior to plastic-made cases out there.

Thinking that it’s made of wood, it might scratch your glass-covered iPhone 4 right? No, as the wood case comes with a thin felt pad to prevent that.

The wood case slides on in two parts over each end of your phone and won’t crack, scratch, or splinter. You can grab the Wood Camera iPhone 4 case for just $42, just hit the source link.

Source: Photojojo (Image Credit)

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