What’s new in business software?

Business automation programs have appeared long ago and they are commonly used. As soon as your business grows to a certain scale, those programs naturally become a part of your business process: workflow, client service get automated for more efficient and productive work.

Is it possible to bring some automation to your everyday working activity too? That becomes an important matter when you have lots of things to do and co-workers to deal with upon different tasks. How to communicate in a pro-active way and collaborate? Until now, we got used to writing e-mails. But e-mails become an obstacle to efficient work rather than help: instead of working on your project, you sometimes spend hours to eliminate e-mail clutter and the amount of work about work makes you lose the forest for the trees. The problem of miscommunication and e-mail overflow can be solved with the help of collaboration tools often found on learning management software.

Term collaboration tools stands for software, helping people to work on a project in a team. First people who were so lucky to use this software were, as you can easily guess, IT workers. So-called bug trackers helped them to deal upon special IT issues. Later, trackers started to grow in popularity and other industries started to implement them. Trackers went under the name of issue trackers as they helped to track different issues, depending on the field. A perfect example was the  call center software from Telax. Still, most issue trackers are tailored for specific business activity and cannot be applied in any other one. A collaboration software good for any industry, from pancakes cooking up to mining construction, is a dream.

Still, there are chances that this dream may happen to come true. And I can tell you why. I have recently found Comindware website. Looks simple but is well done. There, they promise to create innovative business software for collaboration and announce soon release of their task management and issue tracking horizontal solutions. I know a row of such attempts but this one may happen to be very interesting as the Comindware founders have already launched such global projects as Acronis and Parallels. This makes me believe that we can probably see something quite different from their counterparts. For now I’m intended to keep up with their news.

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