Turn Your iPad Into A Mini Home Theater

Sometimes holding your iPad for a very long time freezes your fingers where most likely you can’t enjoy the movie anymore for uncomfortable positions. Gladly iLuv have just outed their new iMM514 ArtStation Pro ‘dock’ which turns your tablet into a miniature home theater. The ArtStation Pro sports a solid speaker base with articulated swiveling arm to set your most optimal viewing angle. You can also change the orientations between landscape and portrait to suit your needs where movies would mostly go landscape while browsing can go portrait.

Accordingly, the ArtStation Pro includes a remote where you adjust basic volume or skipping of tracks and it’s design to stick at the back via magnetic attraction which is very useful in keeping this misplace-able thing when not in use –this have been on our previous review of the Audyssey iPhone 4 Dock and Altec Lansing Dual Dock Speaker systems.

The dock is also compatible with iPhone and iPod touch though it seems too big for both, but we think useful if you prefer to use it as just a stereo.

The iLuv iMM514 ArtStation Pro will be available this month for only $169.99.

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