TopGeeze: Top 10 Fan-made Apple Concept Designs

With all the frenzy regarding Apple’s “game-changing” gadgets, at least according to the rumor mills, it won’t be a surprise if people came up with what-if products. These may come from either a derivative of existing ones, or just new concepts that they thought Apple could pull of if they wanted to. The question now is, are these concepts really feasible ideas or just wishful thinking? Find out through this list of the top fan-made Apple concept designs.

#10. Colored iPhones

Given that it took ages for Apple to release a white variant of the iPhone 4, having these many color variations may be impractical. But then again, if they pulled it off with their iPods, why not with their iPhones?

#9. MAC OS Calculator


#8. Docking Station/Storage

Now this is more practical than the calculator idea above. For all the Apple junkies out there, this will be definitely a treat. You don’t have to worry where your gadgets are as long as they’re connected to this ‘Apple Hub’ of sorts.

#7. GameDock

This is for those who wanted to play Fruit Ninja or Angry Birds on steroids. This dock will supposedly add processing power to your mobile device when hooked as well as memory space for saving games. Will this combination replace your good old consoles?

#6. MagicBook

This is a pretty nifty concept. At a touch of a switch (or a switch-like thing), the touch-screen keyboard will disappear into a magic trackpad. This is one of those ideas that needed polishing… though what would you do with a giant trackpad if you have a touchscreen? Again, more polishing.

#5. iRing

This is the iRing, an attempt to make the transition from gadget to fashion smoother. Controlling via Bluetooth, it would give remote volume and play controls to your device when worn.

#4. MacBook Touch

If this is the polishing of the MagicBook earlier, then we have some potential here. Research is ongoing regarding foldable panels and once that technology comes into fruition, then it won’t be long before these guys will come out.

#3. iPod Slide

Ever since the latest iPod Nano came out, the last innovation for the iPod came in making all of its incarnations touch-screen based, sans the shuffle. While the sliding concept is nice, we don’t see its practicality of returning to external controls once more.

#2. iShow

A projector for your iPhone. This would be great for those using Facetime, now they can see the person in the other side better. You can also project other stuff from your phone.

#1. TriBook

This defines multitasking. Three screens provide the greatest real-estate value for your apps. Though the wider trackpad is something you’ll get used to. No more wrist rests on the side of the trackpad, but it’s a great concept overall.

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