Top 10 iPhone 5 Concept Designs

Like a tsunami that strikes in Japan, the iPhone 5 news mill was just like a series of big waves of facts, speculations and rumors plausible or not. We guess that you already have some ideas on what might be the iPhone 5’s specs or what it looks like? iPhone 5 might include, an A5 chip, a larger display, thinner bezel and capacitive (might be wider) home button. The whole looks is also claimed to be resembled to existing iPhone 4 but somehow sports those aforementioned features. Now if you think that you don’t like the iPhone 5 to follow the iPhone 4 form factor, maybe one of your choice on the gallery we have after the cut, just let us know what might you think of the top iPhone 5 concept design was near arguably for the upcoming September or early October release.



Dorian Darko


Michal Bonikowski






This Is My Next


NAK Studio


ADR Studios


T.J. Kohl.



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