The Ultra-Luxurious HiCan Bed Worth $60,000 Plus

Define the word “luxurious”? As this HiCan bed entails what’s that word means you’ll got the worth of lying around comfortably for $60,000+ (EUR 42,000) price tag. You wouldn’t be treated comfy by just pillows and mattress with this kind of luxury bed but instead you’ll “have retractable privacy blinds, a hi-def video projector that works with a retractable screen at the the foot of the bed, a “state-of-the-art” sound system, a built-in multimedia PC and gaming console and most importantly, a pair of reading lights!The bed even sports a home automation system aims for the lazy ones and bed-ridden that can integrate all controls of its built-in components and other room devices. And you have 8 color choices of HiCan bed if you place your order now.

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