The Samsung Exhibit is Packed with a Powerful 1 GHz Processor

Since smartphones are essentially on their way to becoming mini-personal computers high-end 4G models are expected to essentially be just that. The 4G phone Samsung Exhibit is a moderately priced member of the latest generation of Android smartphones that comes included with a 1.4 GHz AMD11 processor. Simply put, its a lot of punch to come out of such a puny device. As the competition aims to have their own 4G devices with equal power out by the end of the year, T-Mobile already has a mid-priced option ripe and ready for retail.


Mobile phone purchasers interested in getting a 4G Android need to concern themselves with the size processor their selection comes with. The 4G networks currently in place are still being tweaked, which can decrease download speed. The vast array of new editions to Android under 4G coverage are all based on assumptions. It’s important to make sure you have a device that is capable of undertaking a turbulent beginning. It’ll be one of the inaugural members of the latest generation of network service and needs to be the most prepared a product as possible.

There are certainly devices on the market with faster processors and overall faster connectivity but these are extremely high-end mobile phones where that should be a given. The Samsung Exhibit performs completely satisfactory on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ and is reasonably priced. The overall model is standard-issue Android-wielding fare, which isn’t anything more or less than what a consumer shopping for this type of phone expects or should expect.

The Samsung Exhibit can be looked at as a point of reference for all other mid-range 4G releases on Android. Other models that you consider should have an equal amount of processing power. They should run on the Gingerbread version of Android and meet the basic requirements of a luxury 3G. If they do, they’re worthy competition to the Exhibit.

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