Acme Made: The Clutch and Skinny Sleeve MBA Reviews

Your Macbooks should be properly protected or shall we say fashionably kept safe in sleek and high-quality sleeves or bags. This is where Acme Made is known for. Today, we featured reviews of Acme Made’s The Clutch made for your 13-inch Macbook Air and Macbook Pro along with the Skinny Sleeve MBA that’s well-designed for your 11-inch Macbook Air. We got both intros after break the check it out.


“…a modern and unique carrying solution for your MacBook Pro 13 or MacBook Air 13.” When I first caught a glimpse of the Acme Made Clutch, I thought of the same exact word to describe it, “modern”. Although I have to admit, from the Acme Made website product catalog section, I thought it was all leather at first. Apparently, no, instead it‘s a “unique” designer-coated canvas exterior. OK, so they’re pretty much spot-on on how they’ve labeled this item. But the question is, are these qualities enough to make a sell? Or form and function weighs more in the balance? I suggest you read on to find out what we have to say.

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For a first impression, this Skinny Sleeve for you MacBook Air by Acme Made surely catches your attention. It’s pretty sleek. If I were to walk into a shop in search for a protective case for my MBA and saw this on the display? No questions asked, I’d be out of there in five minutes with this in the bag. You might ask, is it really worth it for a price tag of $39.95? Well, we invite you to read on after the break.

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