Say I Love the Farm with Galaxy Tab 10.1

“Say I love the farm!”, with the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 living with a very simple life at the farm isn’t bad at all. And this video skit takes you to the comic yet amusing “extreme retreat” (as we’re corporate slaves, sitting for in front of a computer for almost 8 hours everyday), as  Mitch Manikowski takes his employees to toughen them up in a corporate retreat –to work for a 200 acre farm.

So how’s the Galaxy Tab 10.1 make things a bit satisfying on the farm, I saw someone checking stock updates while being a shepherd, while other hide in the barn to play on the tablet, the other one fulfilling the dream of being an online shopaholic while Scott is looking closely on the tablet to map its way out of the farm. However, his escape is a failure, first why you should ride a tractor to do that? So Manikowski with his acrobatic cowboy stunt hog-tied Scott in less than 3 seconds. How cool is that?

Hard simple way of living in the farm, sometime feels you’re disconnected to everyone, Galaxy Tab brings lightness acting as a medium for social and media sharing. So, “we work hard, we play hard too” –“How ’bout just cheese?”

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