Review: MP32000 Music Search Engine

Before going further onto this site review, we would like to clarify that we here at TechGeeze don’t support illegal downloading in any way, whether it’s music, movies or even software, not to say that this site in review fits in the gray area, just a precaution to those that might assume as such. Now that that’s done, let’s focus on reviewing one of the many music search engines online. MP3 2000. First and foremost, let’s quote the site itself for what they’re trying to do: is dedicated service that indexes and organizes all music that has been posted legally to the Internet. Our service allows us to have access to a huge database of free mp3 downloads and additional free music downloads that are available worldwide all over the Internet. This makes our service one of the best music search engines on the Internet. You can use our service to legally listen to any of the mp3 files returned in the results before you download it.

So basically, this website aims to make music searching easier by indexing and organizing according to different ways and categories then post the links in the site. Also, the site claims that these will only apply to ‘music that has been legally posted to the Internet’ — this gives us an idea that this service will allow users to have a preview of the song before downloading it legally. Let’s see how this works.


The main ‘selling gimmick’ of this site is that they have lots of listings of myriad categories in which the song you wanted will be in one of such lists. They have a ‘Most Downloaded’ list, ‘Newly Added’ list and a ‘Top 30 Music’ list among others. You can also browse according to artist name if you knew who sang the song but not the title itself. If you don’t want to depend on those lists, you can always search the song you wanted in the very prominent search bar above the site, in which they claim to have indexed 1.5 million songs:

Music Search

As seen above, searching the site pretty much gives the result in the same way as any would expect a music search engine would. It will provide the artist name, album (if any) as well as some information regarding the file itself including length, bitrate and file size. The search results will also allow the user to preview the music if it really matches the search criteria entered.


Now before we proceed to the download section, let’s first check the site’s Terms and Conditions section. Aside from the usual stuff seen in other similar pages, MP3-2000 particularly points out that they’re only using the search results to point to other third party MP3 searches on the internet and the site serves to make it easier to navigate to the tons of music offering services online. Also, if someone sees that some of their content is offensive in any way, the site is willing to remove it if deemed justified. With that said, here’s what a typical song page of the site would look like:

Here’s what a song page would look like. Now the site gives an option to buy the song legally through a link below the cover art as seen above. Though before doing that, you can preview the song by clicking the download button below. Now you might be thinking that this is in the gray area as is. Do take note though that the ‘samples’ the site provides are of lower audio quality than what you’ll get when buying the song legally. So unless you’re contented with the sound quality of these samples, it’s definitely better to click on the buy now link above.

When you click on the buy now button, you’ll be redirected to one of those ‘third party’ sites that they’ve mentioned in the Terms and Conditions part. You’ll be directed to Now we won’t talk about that site in this review though some may take extra precautions as sites with the .RU domain typically get negative connotations for introducing viruses and other intrusive attacks to one’s system. Though at first glance, the site looks OK and sells the songs for a reasonable price.

Final Thoughts

As for a music indexing service, the site does a pretty good job in it, though it’s not a definite iTunes replacement. If you just wanted to sample a song from a certain album before buying it, you can use the site to preview a song then decide on the purchase. By providing lower quality samples so basically a free music downloads, but the site aims to keep the user from illegally downloading music and pointing them to a music purchase store. Not to say that when you use the site, you should buy from the store its connected to. But for previewing, this gets the job done.

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