iPhone 5: The Ultimate Rumor Guide

Everything about Apple’s iPhone 5 have started falling into pieces, though at this time most of them was suggested with high sodium content. The iPhone 5‘s specs, design, hardware form factor and release date are getting clearer and clearer. In order to give you a preview of what might be the iPhone 5 that could be dropped this September or early October, we get you awesome line up of rumors, just after the break.

iPhone 5 Prototype
iPhone 5 Prototype, Based from Spy Shot


iPhone 5 Spy Shot
iPhone 5 Spy Shot Revealed


iPhone 5 Concept
Carriers are Already Testing the iPhone 5

AT&T has been beta testing the iPhone 5 already

iPhone 5 Mockup
iPhone 5 Sports Bigger Form Factor, to Hit Canada on October 1st

iPhone 5 to be Dropped in October, Not September

iPhone 5 Coming This Second Week of September, iPad 3 Delayed

UK Job Listing Depicts August 16 Launch of the iPhone 5


iPhone 5 Clone
iPhone 5: The Attack of the Clones in China


Leaked Case in China
iPhone 5 Cases Are ‘Everywhere’ in China Entails Redesigned Form Factor

iPhone 5 Radically Redesigned Inside and Out


Low Cost iPhone 4S
Low Cost iPhone 4S Prototype Leaked


iPhone Concept Design
iPhone 5 Concept Design Renders An iPod Phone



Leaked iPhone 5 Case
iPhone 5 Case Prototypes Surface


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