If this isn’t the iPhone 5, then what is it?

With the iPhone 5 pretty much in the horizon and is rumored to be released sometime in Q4 2011, speculations are all over the place on what the thing will be. Some say that it’s totally new, others say that it’s just minor adjustments here and there. Combine speculations and people with good 3D rendering know-how and you got yourself something like the one below:

So yeah, what we have here is a make or break device that has the potential to set the trend once more for mobile devices. First and foremost, that concept iPhone is way thinner than what we have right now, even thinner than those of the latest MacBook Air. Then there’s the projected laser keyboard. This is a pretty nifty feature, just find a flat surface and you’re ready, and it’s adjustable too. Now we believe that the technology for this is already being made though it isn’t feasible to be placed in a consumer device without shooting the price up. If that’s not enough, how about the holographic interactive display. It’s not only holographic, not only interactive, but holographic interactive. Just imagine how much power such a device would require.

So yeah, if you’re wishing this to be present in the iPhone 5, then keep on dreaming. But if you wait until let’s say iPhone 8 or 9 then this is a definite possibility.

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