HP TouchPad to Hit Amazon UK for only £89(16GB) and £115(32GB)

When you hit the Amazon’s Bestsellers in Electronics page, currently both HP TouchPad 16GB and 32GB models tops the list of the most popular in Electronics beating Kindle, iPod touch and the rest of the gadgets in the top 20. The good news here, the British version of the largest e-tailer will be offering both TouchPad for £89 ($146) and £115 ($189) for the 16GB and 32GB versions, respectively through dixons.co.uk. Meanwhile, when I search the Dixons’ site, I got listing of TouchPad 32GB versions but currently unavailable but it’s priced at £115. Accordingly, a tweet to confirm everything “@MarkWebb_Dixons mark webb Dixons.co.uk: HP Touchpad SALE, Limited Stock online from later today. £89 for the 16gb and £115 for the 32gb“, better check out Amazon.co.uk TouchPad listing from time to time.

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