DSLR Lens Cap and Hood in One

As a photography hobbyist I know how handy it’ll be if this concept design will be produced and will be available in the market. Flower, a concept design of a flower-like DSLR lens cap and hood built in one from Yanko Design‘s Rhie Hyi Joong & Lee Sang Hwa.

The design was very simple if you’ll be looking at it. It has flower-like petals that close to turns itself as a lens cap and blooms open to act as hood in a twist of a focus-ring like grip. This will be convenient and give ease on getting a hood mounted on the lens or removing the lens cap. When you have this, you’ll not be worry again about the lens cap getting misplaced. Hopefully, when Flower is produced it will sit on the combined lens cap and hood price range.

Accordingly, I tend to worry about the possible vignetting of the hood when placed on certain lenses, so this should be considered in the design when produced.

By the way, to add the lens cap and hood are both used to protect your precious lens from elements to hit direct contact and damage front glass or filter mounted on it. The hood also added certain vividness and certain destructive lights from entering sideways that might lessen the quality of the image, based from my readings.

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