China’s Aims To Become Leading Science and Technology Superpower

It seems that we hear more about China everyday through various news organizations and web buzz. The country has really come into its own in the last couple decades, and there isn’t much doubt that China will become the reigning super power in the span of a decade or two. It appears that the same goes for the field of research and development. China’s goals are to surpass all other countries in the field of technology and they may be doing it faster than we thought.

For hundreds of years, China hasn’t been considered much of a leader in the political or economic world; however, this has drastically changed. Practically every sector of China’s market is super hot. It’s growing, and growing fast. The country recognizes that they have massive manpower, but you can’t take control of a world economy with people. Technology is the way of the future, and China understands this. Premier Wen Jiabao, during the National Congress of the China Association for Science and Technology, said, “our future relies on the future of science and technology.” These words may lack the color that most politicians give in speeches, but the message was clear and to the point.

China’s primary focus has been for years now to attract talent. They’ve been courting scientists and researchers from other countries and trying to get them to come there. Some have said that this courting process is more resembling government plotting and scheming, but it seems to be working. It seems that scientists are lured by the promise of near endless funding and a wealth of resources at their disposal.

This comes at a bad time for America when it so desperately wants to get its economy and business sector back on track. Due to massive job losses and staggering foreclosure rates, it doesn’t seem that America can do anything right. It was thought that it would take China fifty years to catch up with America’s vast infrastructure and powerful economy, but recent issues and budget cuts have only exacerbated an already desperate situation.

Official spending on science and research within the U.S. will increase, but not likely at a rate that can compete with China’s limitless funds. This isn’t to say that China is right around the corner. Presently, China spends roughly a third of what America does on various scientific and Technical Support Services. It seems that America realizes, just as China does, that technology will determine future status in the world market. America is ahead right now, but the gap is getting smaller every year.

China is still behind and America hopes that it can get its house in order before its competing rival surpasses it. No one knows what’s going to happen in the coming years, but we’re likely to see a lot of emphasis placed on renewable energy development. As America doubles its effort to keep the top spot, China’s right there waiting to take the lead.

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