Apple Files Suit Against Samsung

Survey software companies have long been polling smart phone users to see which company will soon take the lead in the industry, and it seems as though the results have Apple grasping at straws. Where the battle for first used to be between Apple and all Android based smart phones, it is now more between Android phones themselves – in particular, HTC and Samsung.


Although Apple has yet to verbalize its concerns, its recent patent application and lawsuits suggest that the company may be concerned that it will no longer dominate the market. When Samsung released its Galaxy S2 smart phone, many consumers and tech gurus alike were suggesting that the phone was the best on the market. The phone received so much attention that it actually shifted the way in which many viewed Android phones verses Apple iPhones.

However, Apple didn’t share the same enthusiasm. In fact, they accused Samsung of copying the iPhone and iPad’s touchscreen interface – in particular the photo gallery, and immediately filed suit. While many weren’t too surprised by Apple’s lawsuit, as many believed that it would only be a matter of time before the mobile device wars began, they were surprised by how aggressive Apple pursued Samsung. So far, the company has effectively secured bans on Samsung Galaxy products in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, and Sweden. Even more shocking are the allegations that Apple altered a few photos of the Samsung Galaxy S2 to provide stronger evidence in its case.

Samsung, however, has been remarkably cavalier throughout the lawsuits and accusations believing the suit filed by Apple to be a form of flattery. If Apple is so concerned about Samsung that it has to file a lawsuit against the company, then Samsung believes it must be doing something right. If Samsung’s S series smart phones and Galaxy tablets hadn’t been so superb, and provided such excellent touch screen interfaces, then Apple would have hardly considered taking action against them.

While Galaxy devices are still for sale in the U.S., they will continue to stay off the market in much of Europe until the law suit reaches a verdict. Smartphone and tablet enthusiasts should note though, that this won’t be the last lawsuit that Apple and other big brands vying for top market positions will file. As the market continues to grow, we are sure to see a full blown smart phone war in the future.

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