Verizon iPhone 4 takes 30-percent of US iPhone 4 Market

Dumbphones have started the normal trend of existence falling into pit of death. Certainly, most consumers have started upgrading to smartphones leaving the days of feature phones numbered. And major percentage could be accounted from Verizon subscribers who’ve upgraded from smartphone, yes probably to iPhone 4.

Verizon iPhone 4 shuttered record sales in only two hours

AT&T have already started 8-months ahead when Apple sell it’s iPhone exclusivity to Verizon, but Big Red’s progress was endearingly in fast pace that it reportedly hooked 30-percent of the US iPhone 4 users already. The data comes from Verizon’s chart growth since February and all US iPhone 4 traffic according to Mobile app analytics firm Localytics.

What more we could see in the positive side that some analysts have already projected that Verizon could be accounted for 50-percent sales of the upcoming iPhone 5. Meanwhile the 3GS is a free verizon phones under contract. This will accordingly spice the tight competition of smartphone market with the Android devices specifically.

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