Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX55 Features Single Lens 3D Announced

Sony have just dished out a new digital camera called DSC-TX55 and still within the Cyber-shot line. It sports 3.3-inch OLED display, supports full HD video which still enable users to grab 12MP stills while recording, an electronic image stabilization which fitted by ultra-fast 0.1 second autofocus times, a new in-camera ‘Picture Effect’ mode, panoramic photos taken by sweep-panorama and even single lens 3D.

One more thing to point out on this new camera is Sony’s ““By Pixel Super Resolution” technology which adds an extra 5X digital zoom to the camera’s sliding 5X optical zoom mechanism, without losing quality at the camera’s max resolution of 16.2 million pixels.” Unlike the other, the digital zoom we’re talking here isn’t the useless digital zoom, which zooms at the middle of the captured image producing noisy-soft images or pixelated in some case. However, we still don’t have much idea on how this technology works, let’s just wait for more reviews to come out and let’s see if this isn’t just a marketing blah-blah to build a hype which seems to be a classic one.

Available this September you can grab the Sony DSC-TX55 off the shelves by $350. You can also check the full press release here.

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