Smartphones surpasses dumbphones sales in the US

Recent survey from Nielsen reveals the raised in sales of smartphones over feature phones.  The sales of smartphones in the United States increased up to 55% from 32% last year outselling feature phones with 45%.

Based on the study, the growth of smartphones can be accounted on the popularity of Apple iPhone and Google Android devices which more people are acquiring recently this year. However, between the two, iPhone platform continue to grow its sales.  From 10% of phones sold at the end of year 2010, the sales had grown to 17%, May this year while the other smartphones such as Android and Windows Phone 7 remains steady.

Now you can directly account iPhone’s growth possibly from the Verizon Wireless customers who are throwing their feature phones for iPhone. Blackberry also was being beaten down 11-percent and 6-percent for the month of February and May, respectively.

According to Neilsen still claims that before the end of this year consumers will continue to eye and purchase a smartphone. So now we’re officially near the days where feature phones will be just be big part of communication history.

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