PlayStation 4 Concept Design

Throw the PS4 as many have said over and over again to cover the PSN security breach and built a hype even PS3 haven’t reach it’s maturity. Reports already foretold that Sony is already in talks with suppliers to start the production of PS4 by the end of this year. Interestingly, what might the PS4 look like? We recently published the PS4 vs Xbox 720 design concepts that might have made you crossed your fingers tightly and wished they’re already in production. Be sure to replenished your saliva glands we got here another PS4 concept design to drool over.

Designer Joseph Dumary foresees PlayStation 4 in a very futuristic and eco-friendly concept. The new console will feature of “60% recyclable materials, 0 watts during standby mode, and to have a ECO Restart function that saves games, turns off the console, and can resume exactly where the user left off without a need for a full reboot.” The PS4 concept also disconnect from its primary power source after 30-minute to draw its energy from a rechargeable battery to save more energy. It also support wireless DPConnect TV connection that automatically detects resolution and audio settings.

Dumary’s PS4 concept will also boasts 1.5TB HDD, full 3D 4K2K compatibility, DLNA, HDMI Connect, 3D Blu-Ray, USB 3.0, DPConnect Bravia Sync, Sony Ericsson sync, Qriocity, cloud saving, live TV, and a whole bunch of widgets.

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