New Mac Mini And Macbook Air Teardown

When everyone rushes in pulling their shopping basket with Apple’s new offerings of Mac Mini and Macbook Air, don’t think that iFixit will be doing the same. As much earlier, the firm have already done their hands-on teardown for both new devices.

iFixit told that the only new thing they discover while dissecting the Mac Mini was the inclusion of Thunderbolt port and noticeable second hard drive SATA port was spotted along with an empty spaces enough for a new hard drive. However, they noticed that the only problem was securing the SATA cable inside, but overall in terms of repairability they called it a piece-of-cake as much as doing an upgrade of RAM.


First be warned that you shouldn’t try this at home, as iFixit scores the new super-thin Macbook Air repairability 4/10. Besides the new Thunderbolt port and shimmering backlit keyboard in its external, the internal shows a bit different set up where it comfortably houses a Core-i5 processor and Bluetooth 4.0 chip. Ooh, there’s not so much to be surprised here.

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