Leica’s Extra Lens Holder Act As A Stabilizer Too

Hey, Leica MP or M7 holder out their, we got you something here to ease you the burden of carrying extra bag while shooting just to house your extra lens. Leica Lens Holder M utilize the tripod mount and hang your lens downward under the camera. It’ll naturally add the weight of the extra-lens on your camera, but the positive side is, the position and weight will add stability to shoot long exposures. And if you’ll be creative enough, it can also double up to be a mini-tripod –be warned that you should think about your precious lens acting as the stand —-always put the lens cap on.

There’s no need to ask for the price if it was labeled to be Leica accessory, you’ll need to know that it’s pricey mere range from ~$180 to $200+ online. Pricey right, but think about this Leica Nieman Marcus Edition M9 worth $17500 and Leica M9 ‘Titanium’ that’s born with a golden shutter.

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