iPhone 5 Case Prototypes Leaked

Waves of new iPhone 5 rumors and leaked was starting to stack up to build the expected hype before Steve Jobs break the rumors for the official announcement of the iPhone 5. Ooh, well, it has been rumored due this upcoming September. Yesterday, the leaked case design renderings showed up and today just to be more specific we got the actual silicone prototype for the bad boy iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Case Prototypes Leaked

So who or where the buzz came from? Yes, you guess it right from a Chinese accessories manufacturer via a European retailer MobileFun. Connecting the dots, this will bring a relation to Apple manufacturer Foxconn. So what’s the discoveries, it shows the curved and much ergonomic tapered back which accordingly much thinner. It also appears to showcase larger screen and wider home button.

Like we’ve told you before that AT&T could be handed by the iPhone 5 for connectivity testing was wrapped in a camouflage to hide the real iPhone 5 identity was somehow related to iPhone 4S rumored that was distributed to high-end game designers for optimization is also wrapped in the same way. The iPhone 4S is believed to only feature slight internal upgrades, so basically we can speculate “S” for speed.

For most of us, we can take this iPhone 5 case prototype with a bowl of salt.

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