iPhone 5 and iPad 3 to be dropped this October

The release of iPhone 5 and iPad 3 is claimed to hit this October based from new reports.  According to industry sources such as DigiTimes, suppliers of Apple parts based from Taiwan are preparing the materials for the production of the two iOS devices.

Though the source provides only limited information regarding the details of the devices, this newer version of iPad is likely to become even thinner and lighter with higher display which will add text and photo clarity while it is said that an incremental upgrade will be made to the existing iPhone 4.

Recently a rumor that there will be two version of iPhone that Apple is prepping for a global prepaid “Lite” version and the next-generation iPhone 5. Somewhat related if Apple is dropping two new devices, maybe two version of iPhone or the new iPhone 5 along with iPad 3. Some analysts says that it might be announced later next month.

For now you should be taking these claims with the grain of salt.

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