iPhone 4 SLR Lens Mount

The portability of our smartphones or camera phones could cover-up for a digital camera’s space on our pocket. And you can pinpoint iPhone 4 as a great alternative. But what if you’re a professional photographer, can you cope up using your iPhone 4 to do your job? We think you can, as Photojojo have outed a iPhone case that boasts adapter that will enable users to mount Canon or Nikon lenses with the smartphone.

iPhone 4 SLR Lens Mount

Right now, this come to be ridiculously cool piece of gadgetry that sure to impress some photogs out there when they see it hanging on your neck. Yes, it design includes a loophole on either end allowing you to attach a camera strap. However, the image quality and the auto-focus thing could be out of this trick, but it can mainly perform the creamy bokeh compare to shallow depth-of-field (DOF) present on iPhone 4 image capture if you mount high-aperture or prime lenses.

Recently, the reported price was $190 but today the iPhone 4 version of the SLR Lens Mount is actually $249, while the iPhone 3 version is $149. So it’s seems so pricey, but you can check out this listings of iPhone telephoto lens mount.

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