In the Clouds – the Samsung Galaxy S II

Does the ever increasing ubiquity of the cloud mean that people will migrate from the desktop and laptop computers to smartphones and tablets?

Certainly more smartphones are making increasing use of the cloud, and a perfect example of this is the latest smartphone from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S II which makes full use of cloud services.

Cloud computing is the current innovation in internet applications. Ultimately, everything to do with computing will be available as a service rather than an isolated installation on your smartphone or computer.

When we think of the cloud, we thing of all the hardware, all the networks, all the memory storage, all the services and all the interfaces that combine seamlessly to deliver a total computing service when and where we want it. Naturally there are different forms of cloud computing. Clouds can be public as in accessible to everyone, and private, accessible to only certain organisations.

Google is a major innovator of the cloud so it is not surprising that smartphones powered by Google’s Android operating system are particularly adept at making full use of it.

However, over the years we have become used to having all those important applications such as office type software, music and video files, and our personal data stored on our own private computer. Are we ready to abandon all that and rely on service providers to deliver reliable services 24/7 and to take care of our personal data which has been uploaded to the cloud?

What happens if the network goes down? Does that mean we will lose the ability to access our data and to work on it using our office software? Will we need to carry local backups? If we do then this will deprecate many of the benefits of the cloud in the same way that building back-up power stations reduce many of the benefits of wind farms.

Currently there are many more questions than totally believable answers, but if the difficulties of the cloud can be overcome, and we are convinced that eventually they will be, then our computing future will certainly end up being in the clouds.

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