Four Things to do on Your Computer to Boost Your Broadband Internet Speed

Using the internet is a comfortable way of building our lives. With a good broadband internet connection at hand, anyone can make a good impact on the world. The internet has turned things around and has changed the world from the private fiefdom of a privileged few to the world of everybody, where you and I can make things happen, even though we are not rich.

Quite unfortunately, many of the people that have been granted this awesome opportunity are beginning to lose it, and this is due to not having a good medium of connecting to the internet. Many are privileged to have a personal computer and a broadband modem that gets them connected to the internet, but due to some unseen reasons they are no longer flamboyant online again.

However, I am giving some four solid and important computer tweaks to make a failing broadband internet connection gets back on its feet and make its owner glad again.


Use an antivirus

Your computer must have been experiencing some hard times combating virus attacks lately and this situation has affected its general output, not excluding your precious broadband internet connection. In this kind of precarious situation, nothing can go on well on your computer and if care is not taken, you’ll be losing the most valuable files on your computer. You probably don’t want this to happen, then you have to do something as soon as possible.

To save your computer from fatal damage, you have to install an antivirus program on your computer. How do you do that? Quite simple. There are a lot of free virus shield suits on the internet for people like you and I to use in order to protect our dear computers against virus attack. There are two special antivirus programs I do recommend to people, and they are avast and avg. Both can be downloaded for free. After securing and antivirus program, run a system scan: of course, this is a very simple task. And always make sure your antivirus program never runs out of date, else you stand the risk of inviting viruses into your computer. I assure you that after doing this, you’ll see a difference in your broadband internet connection.

Clean up your hard disk

Your computer gets slower with every new program and file installed on it. This is because the space reduces each time a new file is stored on it. And your broadband internet requires that your computer be in good shape and health for it to run well. This not in place, your broadband will only try hard to perform like a narrowband.

Go to ‘My Documents’, remove all the old files that are littering up your hard disk and are only eating up the precious space that could perform other better tasks on your computer. Note, also empty the recycle bin because every file in it remains on your computer’s hard disk and it makes no difference leaving it like that. After doing this, your computer will taste a little improvement and your broadband internet will work better.

Uninstall every unused application

There are many applications on your computer, this is not a sin but you are doing it because you have them for free on the internet. This can make the performance of your computer to suffer. Help make things better by uninstalling those one that are of no use to you from your computer.

After doing that, restart your computer and the changes will take effect and you will see your broadband internet perform better.

Stop startup programs

When programs start up with your computer, the performance speed of your computer is delayed. This always makes your computer slow down while using it. What makes programs startup with the computer? Most programs are programmed to do so and only have to stop that if you want to enjoy a better broadband internet.

To stop startup programs, type ‘msconfig’ in the RUN box and hit enter. Go to ‘startup’ and deselect the programs you won’t like to see delay your computer’s performance. Restart your computer and the changes will take effect. Then you will enjoy a better broadband internet connection.

This guest post is written by Paul who helps you find the best broadband reviews.

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