Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

I don’t know how many pieces of papers I have folded during my childhood just to elaborate how my younger days were very fond of flying my own aircraft. No it isn’t just a dream but to see how the paper plane glide flawlessly almost weightless in the sky for few seconds really amazed me. The curiosity on how those behemoth aircrafts flies on the sky was partially answered, in my case. Apparently, there’s now a Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit that will allow you to add a electric motor propeller to your paper plane and allows it for a 90 second flight on a 20-second charge.

Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

Now don’t you think it’ll not just make your paper plane hit a hard crash since it adds extra weights on the thin-soft body of the paper?

At $19.99 we think it’s worth enough to let you enjoy your childhood again. Just give it a hard throw I guess to add extra force on the flight giving the weight to sustained it parallel gliding position while it completes the 90-second safe flight.

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