Canon and Nikon Lenses Chess Game

Do you know how to play the critical and mind blowing strategic game of Chess? Sure, Kasparov do but can they be cautious enough to handle thousands-worth of lenses on a chess match? Crazily the guy at LensRentals do a perfect battle for Nikon and Canon EF lenses to kill the boring time of moving into new business location. Now do you want to know who won these epic chess match? Check mate after the break.

It’s interesting to know that Canon won, yes, I’m proud to be a Canon user –that’s enough to be a little one-sided(pun intended). If you’re wondering if you can rent the whole lens chess set, the answer is yes if you’re willing to burn $9,221.00 per week. However, if you want to take home the set for good, ready your $151,202.17 for all pieces.

You can check out also some great deals of Nikon and Canon EF lenses, rather than renting it.

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