Canon 5D Mark III Is Not Yet Finalized

The year where most of us believe could be end of everything, could be the time when the most anticipated DSLR –the Canon 5D Mark III would kiss the shelves of being official. Apparently, there are still 2 decisions to be made before the product meets the production line and probably ready for you to grab on, so it isn’t yet finalized. According to Canon Rumors, the Japanese company should decide first to “Split the 5D line into a still camera and an advanced video feature camera” and “A camera between the 5D Mark III and 1D”. In relations, “still and video teams within Canon is very much separate and there is no overlap between the two departments.” –so expect more of the first decision while do not expect a new 1D/1Ds camera to advance video functionality. Then move on Q1 next year specific on the month of February where the 5D line could brighten up the art-of-light communities around the world.

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