Apple iPhone 5 3D

Apparently, this report is something new and ridiculous in sense that the next iPhone iteration will not be only boasts new moniker iPhone 5 but will feature the overrated 3D functionality. Don’t think that this will be ridiculous as the iPhone 4 SLR lens mount we’ve told you earlier, cause we find it more amusing.  The basis for 3D in Apple 5 rooted from earlier reports as cited by Slashgear: “This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve heard of the 3D functionality coming to Apple, as far back as July of 2010 when we heard that the company had hired Poly9 3D experts, inside December of 2010 when we saw Apple patent 3D glasses-free displays and Apple patenting 3D cameras as recently as March 31st, 2011.” The big question now, is this the BIG surprise hidden under-the-hood of iPhone 5?

Now this photos isn’t something we can’t trust on, Mr. Blurry Cam captured it with tiny grains of salt on it’s lenses. By the way, the photos here were taken from 175wan claimed originally that it was photographed by accident which obviously not.

Here’s some thoughts for you to ponder:

1. blurry images

2. mis-aligned and obviously much bigger “5” printed on the bottom together with the iPhone brand name

3. two camera on the back which seemed to be easily photoshopped

4. an iPhone 4 box photographed at the background

Anyway, we want to leave you some questions if ever this will be true, are you still excited for iPhone 5 with 3D functionality? In our end, maybe we’ll go for Samsung Galaxy S III, period.


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