2011 Mac Mini and Macbook Air Review

Earlier we featured the review of Apple’s newest and the best operating system in the history of the Cupertino company, so far. Besides, there’s nothing to prove as the Mac OS X has been download one million times on its first day. Today, two more new systems from Apple have been formidably reviewed by the guys at Engadget. So who of the new Mac Mini and Macbook Air seemed to disappoint, find out after the break.

Macbook Air Review

The 2011 MacBook Air addresses nearly every concern anyone could lob at its predecessor. It’s still light on ports, the missing SD slot on the 11-inch model is a drag, and no, it isn’t cheap, but this machine is fast, efficient, and not to be underestimated. It’s a supermodel with a law degree from Columbia, a hunky motorcycle racer who looks good in leathers yet is also a concert pianist — whatever your passion it won’t disappoint, all while making a lot more room in your bag. More room for what? Well, your life, for starters.

Mac Mini Review

It’s not often that Apple products take a turn for the worse when a new revision comes out, but there’s no question that the design of 2010’s mini is superior to the design of this guy. Sure, the revised edition is a heck of a lot more powerful and $100 cheaper, but it’s in the same infelicitous spot that it’s always been in: by the time you invest in a halfway decent keyboard, mouse and monitor, you’re pushing $850+ for a mid-level machine with a sluggish hard drive, the bare minimum amount of RAM that we’d recommend for Lion, no USB 3.0 and no optical drive. For whatever reason, Apple’s made the new mini even less useful than the last, and while a Benjamin off the sticker is appreciated, it hardly puts it in a new class in terms of value.


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