Sony announces backward-compatibility of existing downloaded PSP games to the “NGP”

For those planning to get the “NGP” but still worries on whether their previous game purchases would be worthless, then worry no more. A report from Eurogamer suggests that the next generation portable console is indeed compatible with prior-downloaded games that worked on either the original PSP or PSP Go. The site also mentions that they’ve seen the game “Resistance: Retribution” being played on the NGP without any problems.

What makes these work is a software emulator which also allows you to upscale the game resolution to your liking. Not only that, games can also take advantage of the NGP’s dual analog stick (with the original only having one). The same site also notes that what Sony is doing in very similar with their cross-device playability feature that we’ve seen in the PS3. Convinced? Well E3’s just around the corner so the wait won’t be that long.

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