iPhone 4 mobile blogging

The mobile platform have seen a massive growth over the year from smartphones and tablets popularity. The Apple iPhone have interestingly nabbed a very decent status in the smartphone market with head-to-head battle on pretty much crowded Android-based devices. And today, I’m not writing this article on my computer but comfortably tapping each letter on my iPhone 4 QWERTY touch keyboard. Yes, it’s my first time to try mobile blogging using a free WordPress app I downloaded from the App Store.

iPhone 4

If you’re wondering how to set up and blog on your iPhone you can find the details on bloggergeeze.com where I posted the details how to do mobile blogging from iPhone 4.

I just find this something new from the usual daily routine of blogging in a normal computer and besides you can almost do it almost anywhere. I’ll check out if there’s same apps for iPad and Android devices.

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