iOS 5 jailbroken via ipt4g and limera1n

Hours from its glorious announcement, Apple’s iOS 5 have been already jailbroken. MuscleNerd and Co via Twitter have let us know that they’ve dig down the new OS. And now, ‘not too many surprises’ as they’ve always done before, kudos to those gifted hackers. Ooh, anyways, they’ve attached images via Twitpic (above) for the hacked Apple’s virgin iOS 5 beta release running on a 4th generation iPod touch (throw your eyes to Cydia, iSSH, Reminders and Newstand apps). According also to update of Engadget, “It’s worth mentioning that limera1n is a bootrom exploit that Apple can’t patch on the iPod touch through firmware alone. The real test of the Dev Team’s wits will be an untethered jailbreak for the iPad 2.” There’s nothing new I guess from here.

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