Facebook draws near 700 million users worldwide

Facebook draws near 700 million users worldwide

Facebook nears 700 million users worldwide, really? Ooh, doesn’t surprise me anymore even it hits 1 billion. This social network is literally social in terms of making it popular or viral anywhere in the world. According to the site that monitors Facebook’s traffic Socialbakers.com, FB’s traffic is growing rapidly coming from countries besides US.

Socialbakers found developing countries, such as Brazil, Indonesia, and India to be the top three counties to rise in Facebook growth. In the last month, Brazil came out as the top growing country with more than 1.9 million new Facebook users, which is a growth of more than 11 percent. Behind Brazil is Indonesia with a 1.5 million user growth, and the Philippines with a 1.3 million user growth. Also in the million-growth bracket is Mexico and Argentina with 1.1 million and 1 million new users, respectively, in the past month.

Notable enough, according to Socialbakers, Facebook took an overwhelming numbers of new users in the first quarter of this year. That’s 585 million users to more than 665 million –whooping 80 million new sign-ups for the first 3 months. Monitoring shows that age ranging from 18-24 still makes most 30 percent of the new sign-ups and overall 210 million of FB users.

In Asian countries like Philippines, Facebook have already phaseout Friendster as the leading social networking site, thus we can also relate this to Brazil’s Orkut prior to numbers of new users have gradually hook in Facebook. Let’s see how this thing will go on.

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