The Coffee-Powered Car

Stay awake, hyper-active and alert –this was some of the effects when you fuel yourself with few cups of coffee. However, a British team have something to say when talking about “to fuel with coffee”, as literally it may get, they’ve constructed a coffee-powered car. Now hit after the break if you’re wondering how many cups to go on for a mile.

The Coffee-Powered Car

The team at the Bang Goes The Theory from BBC1 have modified an old ’88 Volkswagen Scirocco to run with coffee. Though, you might really have got too excited about the project, you’ll have to bear in mind it’ll will take 56 espressos just to travel a single mile. Translating this to human understanding that’ll cost you 50 times more than using a normal gas.

This project could be placed under the category innovative yet unpractical. However, the team gives us the idea they’re trying to point out in this project, the awareness of using alternative fuels.

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