Sharp new next-generation super HDTV announced

Capable of displaying 16 times higher resolution or equivalent to experiencing 33-megapixels (7680 pixels by 4320 pixels) screen, far more than the traditional 1080p HD displays –Sharp and Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) have just announced, the next generation HDTVs.

The Super Hi-Vision HDTV is reportedly featuring ultra-clear display that “you would be able to see if a person’s eyes are dilated without needing a close-up of their face to do it.”

If you’re wondering why Sharp and NHK collaborates to unveil the Super Hi-Vision HDTV, “NHK has been working on broadcasting video in the new HD format since 1995. That’s right: before most households even had HDTVs in them, NHK has been working on ways to broadcast super-high definition video. Until now, no television manufacturer had the technology to feasibly display the broadcast.”



Unfortunately, if you’re dreaming on having this 85-inch Hi-Vision HDTV on your home, you would need to wait for a long time since this is only a prototype. More of a concept rather, selling the future of high-definition broadcasting and it seems NHK is deemed to pioneer the new broadcasting technology by experimenting high-resolution video streams via satellite in 2020.

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