RCSuperhero resembles Iron Man on flight


There could be known jetpackers that glide over Grand Canyon early this month and you wouldn’t be needing Yves Rossy’s daredevil instinct to do his act. Thanks to RCSuperhero that you can go this human-like flight via a remote control. These RC “Superhero” kit was near resembled to it’s honest-makes of superhero —-“Iron Man” (you’ll find what we’re talking if you watch the video after the cut). You can create your own via a $19.95 PDF plans for 75-inch and 57-inch versions cut-out but you can also grab a pre-cut kit version for $295. You should see how this thing flies, watch the video after the break, vertical take off!



One thing we worry about, we’re sure you’ve watched about alien-like phenomenon seen in different parts of the world, yes, this could be used as alien-like superhero sightings –you might be threatened for an invasion or the end of the world to whatever sense like what speculated last May 21st.


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