PSN Outage: Service restarts on May 31, Rewards may be offered for hacker info

So here’s what happened last week in the on-going drama of the PSN. Portions of the PlayStation Network and Qriocity were back online, that was good news. But then, the Sony Online Entertainment portal got hacked, combine that with another attack threat this past weekend and Sony forced all their networks to shut down once more. As with the previous incidents, Sony has remained silent and isn’t giving much details regarding the newly-discovered security glitches or a more detailed timeline of how things progressed, or regressed.

Then came an announcement from Sony’s spokesperson in Tokyo, Shigenori Yoshida, who stated that they’ll be restarting the services by May 31. Other reports are also indicating that the company maybe considering giving rewards to those who can give information that will help Sony capture those responsible for the said attacks. This isn’t confirmed though and it will very much depend on the company’s executives in Tokyo.

Sony also gave an official response to data security expert Gene Spafford’s statement saying that the company didn’t employ updated webservers and firewalls:

“The previous network for Sony Network Entertainment International and Sony Online Entertainment used servers that were patched and updated recently, and had multiple security measures in place, including firewalls.”

The PlayStation Network attack from April 20 compromised the personal information, as well as credit card data, of it’s 70 million members. The Sony Online Entertainment system, on the other hand, was later compromised, risking the information of its 20 million members.

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