New Kobo eReader Touch announced

Multi-touch tablets have ruled the mobile computing nowadays, and unfortunate for ebook readers most of the people instinct to touch the screen to navigate or turn pages is a tone of disappointment. There has been a lost of contrast and clarity if you infuse touchscreen technology in ebook’s e-ink display. However, with joy Kobo have just unveiled it’s new eReader Touch boasting Infrared Touch Technology to aid such problems and a new 16-level grayscale Pearl e-ink display. The company didn’t tell much on how it works, but probably infrared sensors was layered in its e-ink display.

Kobo eReader Touch

So finger tapping readers will surely love this new ereader as turning the pages, typing, highlighting text, panning and zooming PDF files can be done using your fingers. Now thinking about Amazon rumored tablet, could it be a fully-touch Kindle instead? Believable, as we see.

The Kobo eReader Touch is priced for just $130 ($139 CDN) and available in June.

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