New Canon EF 16-40 f/4L IS to replace EF 17-40 f/4L

Canon EF 16-40 f4L IS

A replacement to existing EF 17-40 F/4L lens is in the make and could hit the patent record in the coming weeks. Canon Rumors reports that new Canon EF 16-40 f/4L IS could be a believable replacement knowing that Nikon have stabilized its counterpart lens. One more thing, as a main full frame wide lens this is one of the most valued “L” on its range, thus really needs an improvements.

We’ll keep you updated if this luxury new ultra-wide angle lens will hit the patent the following week. And if you’re planning on taking the 17-40 F/4L maybe it’s a good thing to wait till this “L” gets verified. So you might have a bargain or somehow more good deals for the 17-40 F/4L.

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