Cydle i30 TV Tuner for iPhone

Cydle i30 iPhone TV Tuner

Tired of paying extra for live TV streaming on your smartphone? Gladly, there’s Cydle i30 TV Tuner for your iPhone designed to support ATSC-M/H US standard to allow the smartphone to tune in broadcast content. Though you’ll have to get your sleek phones cradled in a dock with a little antenna sticking out of the case.

Design-wise the Cydle i30 houses its own 1100mA rechargeable battery making it independent device and out from sucking your smartphone’s charge. On it’s soft side, sure the device will come a free app to facilitate the broadcast sync on the iPhone.

Right there still no words on when the Cydle i30 will hit the shelves, but it could be really soon as it already making it way on the FCC.

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