Chrome OS won’t replace Android on your phones/tablets

With all the pimping Google has done with the Chrome OS during this year’s I/O keynotes, some may want the OS on your tablet and/or phones. Sadly, this won’t become any more than wishful thinking as Google’s Senior VP of Chrome Sundar Pichai spoke in the following Q&A after the keynote and we quote:

“[Chrome OS] is a new experience we’re working on. It’s hardware agnostic in a sense. We are fully, 100 percent focused on laptops. Most of the web usage — greater than 90 percent — is on laptops. That’s what we’re working on today, and we have no other plans on any other form factors.”

Other than the teased ChromeBox, Google isn’t planning on releasing the Chrome OS on any hardware other than laptops. As Chrome OS is being marketed as a software-hardware package to provide the best experience, it’s only logical for Google to keep this lock as much as they could. And with another ‘delicious’ update on the horizon, things are likely to stay like this for the time being. So what’s their plan for both Android and Chrome? Sundar continues:

“There are a variety of experiences out there, and the web model is very different. We’re comfortable seeing them coexist. Google Movies and YouTube have web versions — when you use a Chromebook, you see how it’s different, and they’ll naturally coexist. These are very different models — if we didn’t do something like Chromebooks, I’m pretty sure someone else would.”

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