Causes and Prevention of External Hard Drive Failure

External hard drive is a best way of keeping your data safe and sound. It is really simple to work with it .This device lets the user to transfer all important files and data into it by connecting it to computer. When a user wants to access his data, he only needs to connect his PC with external hard drive through an interface cable and then to drag data and files from drive to computer. Thereby it serves as back up device from where he can save and retrieve his personal and professional data and files at any time. This device is very useful for a person until the time when a person handle it with due care otherwise its failure occur. Here are some common causes of external hard drives:

External Hard Drive

  1. The most common cause behind the failure of External Hard Drives is the accidental tipping over the edge of computer table and this dropping may result in the physical damage of drive. The new hard drives are designed in such a way that they work only when these are standing upright on the flat surface. The device may drop down just because of sudden user’s touch or due to its upright position. It is really simple to cope with this issue; you can lay the external drive flat on the table instead of posting it upright.
  2. Another cause of hard drive failure is the twisted and tangles cords and cables with which you connect the external hard drive with your laptop or computer. When the cables and cords are twisted then it is possible that external drive pull down. In order to prevent this situation, the user must carefully check the cables and cord. If there is any twist in these then he should readily arrange it otherwise this become a cause of external hard drive failure.
  3. External hard drive may subject to damage and failure due to sudden and hard shut down. So it is advisable that you power down your drive whenever there is some lighting strikes as sudden power off lead to power surge and thereby damaging the drive.

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